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Engage Communication Announces support for SS7 Over IP

APTOS, Calif., December 2, 2003 - Engage Communication, Inc. incorporates SS7 Over IP protocol into a new IPTube product line the IPTube•SS7•SIGs.

The IPTube•SS7•SIG transports SS7 messages over IP networks. SS7 signaling network elements such as local and tandem switches, Mobile Switching Centers, Signal Transfer Points and Home Location Registers that are interconnected to remote network elements by IPTube•SS7•SIGs are able to transmit their signaling messages over cost effective and flexible IP networks.

The IPTube•SS7•SIG is available with T1, E1, V.35 or RS530 physical interfaces to connect to the SS7 Telecommunication equipment's communication link.



The T1 and E1 Models are also available with 2nd T1 or E1 Drop and Insert interface for direct connection to the SS7 DS0.. Traditional transmission equipment such as TDM multiplexers (MUXs) and digital cross-connects are not required.


"IP Tubes with SS7 Over IP enables interconnection of SS7 Signalling Elements over very cost effective and readily available IP data services" said Mark Doyle, Engage Communication President. "56 Kilobit modem connections even provide sufficient bandwidth since the FISUs and LISUs are filtered out and only the SS7 messages require bandwidth."

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