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Engage Ships Internet Access Router that combines a 56K DSU/CSU and a T1/FT1 DSU/CSU in one package

APTOS, Calif., October 16, 1996 -- Engage Communication ships the Advanced IP*Express-56/T1 The Advanced IP*Express-56/T1 is a TCP/IP WAN Router that combines a 56K DSU/CSU and a T1/FT1 DSU/CSU in one package. This products makes upgrading from a 56kbps line to a T1 or Fractional T1 line a matter of cabling and software reconfiguration of the router to the T1 interface.

"This product makes it possible for our customers to start out with a 56k line and have the built-in support for T1 there for the inevitible demand for increased bandwidth." says Engage Vice President Tom Ver Ploeg "Since the majority of the configuration involves IP addressing, reconfiguration for T1/FT1 can be done in minutes with Telnet or EngageView."

Engage has two WAN product offerings: the Advanced IP*Express and the Advanced ExpressRouter. The Advanced ExpressRouter routes TCP/IP, IPX, and AppleTalk. The Advanced IP*Express only routes TCP/IP. Both products have auto-sensing 10 BaseT and Thinnet Ethernet interfaces and support Frame Relay, Point to Point Protocol, SNMP and Telnet.
Each product ships with EngageView management software for Windows 3.x/95, and MacOS. Telnet templates, that provide for edit and paste configuration of the most common configurations, are also included.

The Advanced IP*Express-56/T1 integrated 56k and T1/FracT1 DSU/CSUs has a list price of $1,995.-- The Advanced ExpressRouter-56/T1 with a single integrated T1/FracT1 DSU/CSU has a list price of $2,395.--. These integrated solutions eliminate the significant costs and time involved with upgrading from 56k to T1/FT1. The T1/FracT1 DSU/CSU option card has complete T1 support: ESF (AT&T/ANSI)/D4 Framing; B8ZS/AMI Data Format.

Engage Communication, incorporated in September 1989, develops and manufactures a range of wide area networking, file transfer, and data broadcasting solutions. Designed for both simplicity and performance, Engage solutions are widely used in Publishing, Education, Internet Access, Advertising, Telemedicine, and many other Corporate, Government and small Business applications.

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