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· IP WAN Router with Two Integrated E1 DSU/CSUs
and Four Port 10 BaseT Hub ·

IP•Express•MLBH•E1 is a Wide Area Network router that routes the Internet Protocol through integrated E1 WAN ports. The E1 WAN ports supports Point to Point and Frame Relay Wide Area Networking Protocols with 24/7 proven interoperability. An integrated Four Port 10Baset Ethernet Hub provides a complete E1 Branch Office solution.

The IP•Express•MLBH•E1 is a very reliable, high performance and cost effective IP WAN Router for interconnecting remote LANs and for high performance MPEG IP Video delivery. The Integration of the E1 CSUs provides for a complete solution with a straight forward configuration. It is great for:

• Shared Internet Access • Branch Office Connections
• Education District Networking • Multimegabyte File Transfers
• MPEG Video Distribution

IP•Express•MLBH•E1 PDF Brochure

Inverse Packet Multiplexing
    Inverse Packet Multiplexing is a feature of the IPExpress•MLBH•E1•IPM . IPM delivers 3 Megabits of interconnectivity over Dedicated E1 WANs. Built in E1 line fault detection provides for automatic bandwidth backup for Mission Critical Fault Tolerant Interconnects.

MPEG IP Multicast Streaming Video Delivery
    IPExpress•MLBH•E1•IPM models delivers MPEG IP Streaming Video over Inverse Multiplexed E1s. The Inverse Packet Multiplexor provides the bandwidth necessary for the delivery of broadcast quality Streaming IP Video.
    IP Multicast
is a standard feature of the IPExpress and is utilized to distribute MPEG video simultaneously to multiple decoders.

MPEG IP Video Redundancy Switch
     REDundant IP Video configuration that automatically switches from the Primary to a Secondary Encoder's IP Video Stream for mission critical broadcasts and is only available with the IPExpress•MLBH•E1•IPM•RED. A one second absence of IP packets from the Primary Encoder results in the switch to the Secondary Encoder. The WAN bandwidth is reserved for a single feed. The Redundancy option is also available with the Inverse Packet Multiplexor.

Technical Specifications

IPExpressMLTB Manual in PDF Format

LAN Network Interface:
· Four 10BaseT Ethernet Hub

LAN Network Protocols Supported:
· IP Multicast support
· IP Video Stream Redundancy (Optional)
· AppleTalk (Configuration Only)

WAN Network Interfaces:
· Two E1/FracE1 CSU/DSU port

WAN Network Protocols Supported:

  (RFC 1548, RFC 1332, RFC 1334, PAP)
· Frame Relay

E1/Fractional E1 Specifications:
· Framing - CRC4 or FAS
· Coding - HDB3 or AMI
· Supports DS0 assignments from 1 to 31

· Safety -IEC60950 Third Edition
· EMC - EN55022:1994+A1&A2
            EN55024, ICES-003 1997
            CISPR 22 Level A

· Telecom - TBR12, TBR13
· CE

TFTP Upgrade Capable (Flash ROMs):
IPExpressMLTBH is field upgradeable

Telnet support with Edit and Paste Templates
Console Port for Out of Band Management

SNMP support (MIB I, MIB II)

Remote configuration, monitoring, & reset

Console Port:
RJ45 to DB9 Female DCE adapter shipped with product. Enables direct connection to Com1.

Loopback Tests

Bert Tests


24-36 VDC
-48 VDC Optional
    International Adapters Available

9" (L) x 7.3" (W) x 1.50" (H)

Back Panel

Console Port Connector RJ 45 to DB 9 Female Adapter provided
Telco1: E1 DSU/CSU Interface for WAN connectivity via PPP or Frame Relay

4 Port 10BaseT Ethernet Hub
Telco2: Second E1 DSU/CSU Interface for WAN connectivity via PPP or Frame Relay


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