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· IP WAN Router with Two Integrated T1 DSU/CSUs ·

IP·Express·MLT is a Wide Area Network router that routes the Internet Protocol through 2 independent or inverse multiplexed T1 WAN ports. The T1 WAN ports support Point to Point and Frame Relay Wide Area Networking Protocols with 24/7 proven interoperability.

IPExpressMLT PDF Brochure

IP·Express·MLT is a very reliable, high performance and cost effective IP WAN Router for interconnecting two remote LANs and for shared high performance Internet Access. The Integration of the T1 CSUs provides for a complete solution with a straight forward configuration. It is great for:

· Shared Internet Access
· Branch Office Connections
· Education District Networking
· Multimegabyte File Transfers

2 Independent Connections

Inverse Multiplexing is an optional feature of the IP·Express·MLT. The Inverse Multiplexor delivers 3 Megabits of interconnectivity over Dedicated and Frame Relay WANs. Built in T1 line fault detection provides for automatic bandwidth backup. The Inverse Multiplexor is ideal for:

· Very Large Multimegabyte File Transfers
· Mission Critical Fault Tolerant Interconnects
· IP Video Streams

3Mbps Inverse Multiplexed Fault Tolerant Connection

Technical Specifications

IPExpressMLT Manual in PDF Format

LAN Network Interface:
· One 10BaseT Ethernet

LAN Network Protocols Supported:
· AppleTalk (Configuration Only)

WAN Network Interfaces:
· Two T1/FracT1 CSU/DSU port

WAN Network Protocols Supported:

  (RFC 1548, RFC 1332, RFC 1334, PAP)
· Frame Relay

T1/Fractional T1 Specifications:
· Framing - ESF or D4
· Coding - B8ZS or AMI
· Supports DS0 assignments from 1 to 24
  (64Kbps to 1.536Mbps)
TFTP Upgrade Capable (Flash ROMs):
IPExpressMLT is operational during upgrade

Telnet support with Edit and Paste Templates
Console Port for Out of Band Management

SNMP support (MIB I, MIB II)

Remote configuration, monitoring, & reset

Console Port:
RJ45 to DB9 Female DCE adapter shipped with product. Enables direct connection to Com1.


24VAC, 1.0A; International Adapters Available

9" (L) x 5.5" (W) x 1.50" (H)

Back Panel

T1-1: T1 DSU/CSU Interface for WAN connectivity via PPP or Frame Relay
Console Port Connector RJ 45 to DB 9 Female Adapter provided

T1-2: Second T1 DSU/CSU Interface for WAN connectivity via PPP or Frame Relay
Standard 10BaseT Ethernet interface


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