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Engage Communication Tunes into MPEG Point to Multipoint IP Video Distribution.

APTOS, Calif., March 12, 2003 - Engage Communication, Inc. incorporates MPEG IP video stream redundancy switching into its IPExpress T1/E1 IP WAN Router product lines. Engage's REDundant IP Video configuration automatically switches from the Primary to the Secondary Encoder's IP Video Stream if there is a one second absence of IP Video packets from the Primary Encoder. When the Primary and Secondary Encoders are active the IP Video Stream from the Secondary is blocked from consuming WAN bandwidth.

Engage dials into the need for speed to deliver broadcast quality IP Video with Inverse Packet Multiplexing. Engage's Inverse Mux technology truly doubles the bandwidth between two locations by splitting each packet in half and sending the first half on line 1 and the second half on line 2 for reassembly at the receiving side.

IP Multicast is a standard feature of the IPExpress and is utilized to distribute MPEG video simultaneously to multiple decoders. The use of a secondary decoder configured to receive the IP Video multicast provides for redundancy at the receiving end of the link.

"The IPExpress redundancy capabilities fulfills the demand from our customers in the broadcast market for backup encoders and decoders to support live video delivery " said Mark Doyle Engage Communication President.

Engage IP WAN models:
IPExpress•MLBH•IPM•RED•T1 model has the redundancy and delivers MPEG IP Streaming Video over Inverse Multiplexed T1s.
IPExpress•MLBH•IPM•RED•E1 model has the redundancy and delivers MPEG IP Streaming Video over Inverse Multiplexed E1s.

Product will be demonstrated in Adtec Digital booth #SU5870 at the NAB show in Las Vegas April 7-10.

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