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E1 Over IP Interconnect for Voice and Data

The IPTube-E1s encapsulates full and fractional E1 and TDM circuits, along with their framing and signaling bits, into IP packets. The IPTube's E1 Over IP, E1 Over Ethernet connection provides for the transparent interconnection of PBXs, Telecom Switches and E1 based communication systems via LANs, WANs, MANs, and Wireless Ethernet. WAN Protocols, such as PPP and Frame Relay, that utilize HDLC framing are able to be encapsulated with HDLC Over IP.                  

The E1 interfaces have configurations that for provide independent protocol, compression, packet sizing, buffering, clocking, framing, coding and channel settings. The protocols supported are IPTube, CESoIP, and HDLCoIP.

The IPTube•E1 is available with one E1 interface and a 10 BaseT Ethernet Interface.

The IPTube•QE1 is available with one to four E1 interfaces and a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Interface.

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