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Engage Communication's LAN Governor deployed by the State of Maryland

Aptos, CA, April 28, 2004
Engage Communication's LAN-GOV is being utilized by the State of Maryland to ensure that bandwidth is reserved for Engage's T1 Over IP interconnect solution, the IPTubeQT1.

The LAN·GOV is used to interconnect Ethernet LANs through a data rate governor. The data rate governor utilizes Time Division Multiplexing based clocking to provide for Nx64, NxT1 and NxE1 bandwidth regulation that is configurable from 64 kilobits up to DS3.

Governing the WAN bandwidth utilized by an Ethernet LAN enables the reservation of WAN bandwidth for time sensitive real time connections such as those required by Video Conferencing, Voice Over IP and T1/E1 Over IP applications.

"The LAN Govenor makes ensuring adequate bandwidth for real time information a very straight forward implementation for point to point applications." said President Mark Doyle. "The State of Maryland's selection of Engage's LAN Governor and T1 over IP solutions validates this winning combination."

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