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Engage Communication develops, manufactures, sells and supports premium Networking and Communication Solutions.

Evolutionary Voice Over IP
The IPTube’s T1 Over IP or E1 Over IP connection provides for the transparent interconnection of PBXs, Telecom Switches, Cell Base Stations, PRI Phone Switches and TDM based communication systems via LANs, WANs, MANs, and Wireless Ethernet links.

Transparent Bandwidth Regulated IP Tunnel
The IPTube-RS530 encapsulates synchronous serial data from standard RS530 Data Terminal Equipment or Data Communication Equipment such as Encryptors, Terminal Servers, Video Codecs, and WAN Routers into a Transparent Bandwidth Regulated IP Tunnel.
Additionally a V.35 solution is available - IPTube-V35.

LAN to LAN Interconnect with Data Rate Governor
The LAN·GOV is used to interconnect Ethernet LANs through a data rate governor. The data rate governor utilizes Time Division Multiplexing based clocking to provide for Nx64, NxT1 and NxE1 bandwidth regulation that is configurable from 64 kilobits up to DS3.

The IP·Tube E2 is used to interconnect Ethernet LANs through an IP network. Ethernet frames that are destined for a device located on the remote network are encapsulated into IP packets.

SS7 Over IP for Signaling
The IPTube•SS7•SIGs transports SS7 messages over IP networks. SS7 signaling network elements such as local and tandem switches, Mobile Switching Centers, Signal Transfer Points and Home Location Registers that are interconnected to remote network elements by IPTube•SS7•SIGs are able to transmit their signaling messages over cost effective and flexible IP networks.

SS7 Over IP for Monitoring
The IPTube•SS7•MONs encapsulates SS7 Call Detail Messages from Telecom Switches into IP packets for delivery to an SS7 Protocol analyzer. The IPTube•SS7•MONs provides for remote monitoring of SS7 based Telecom Switches systems via cost effective and flexible IP networks.   

WAN Data Over IP
WAN Protocols, such as PPP and Frame Relay, that utilize HDLC framing are able to be encapsulated with HDLC Over IP. The IP•Tube•T1, IP•Tube•QT1, IP•Tube•E1, IP•Tube•QE1, IP•Tube•RS530, and IP•Tube•V.35 with HDLCoIP connect to the leased line interface of an Enterprise's WAN Equipment and encapsulate the HDLC frames into an IP Packet that is sent to the remote site IPTube where it is presented to the remote WAN router as the original HDLC frame.                   

Wide Area Networking
Engage is a leader in the T1 Internet Access Router market. The T1 Router - IPExpressXLT, with an integrated T1 is the most economical solution for dedicated, PPP or Frame Relay T1 services. Engage WAN products feature integrated T1/FT1, E1/FE1, and 56/64kDDS DSU/CSU telecommunication interfaces that support Frame Relay and PPP WAN services from 9.6 bps to 4.096Mbps.

Drop and Insert Multiplexing
Engage combines a T1 WAN Router and a T1 Drop and Insert Multiplexor or
E1 WAN Router and an E1 Drop and Insert Multiplexor into a very reliable, high performance and cost effective solutions for simultaneously interconnecting Remote LANs and Telecommunication Equipment over a single T1 or E1 WAN

Inverse Packet Multiplexing
Engage's Inverse Packet Multiplexing - IPM - fills in the major bandwidth gap in telecommunication service offerings. The bandwidth gap between T1 - 1.544 MBPS and T3's 45 MBPS.

The IPExpressMLT with 2 Integrated T1s Inverse Multiplexors makes 3 to 6 Mbps interconnects an affordable option. E1 Inverse Multiplexors are also available for 4 to 8 Megabit per second interconnects.

IP•Express•QT1 is a high performance, bandwidth scalable, IP WAN router with 4 T1 ports offering a standards-based inverse multiplexing (N x T1) capability.

IP•Express•QE1 is a high performance, bandwidth scalable, IP WAN router with 4 E1 ports offering a standards-based inverse multiplexing (N x E1) capability.

REDundant IP Video Streams
Unique configuration that automatically switches from the Primary to a Secondary Encoder's IP Video Stream for mission critical broadcasts that is available with the Engage
IPExpress•MLBH•T1•IPM•RED and IPExpress•MLBH•E1•IPM•RED.

Engage products are utilized by the following types of organizations:
Internet Service Providers
Competitive Local Exchange Providers
Government Agencies & Municipalities

Advertising Agencies
Multimedia Publishers

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